Pink Clay Multitasking Mask $12 2oz

Detoxify and deep clean skin with natural ingredients. The dry mix is easily customized to help treat skin based on current needs.

Directions: Mix equal parts powder with organic additive of choice: water, fresh juice, cooled tea, yogurt or milk. For an extra moisture boost, add a few drops FoxSea Skin Universal Oil. Play around until you find your favorite combos. Apply thin layer to cleansed skin, leaving on until dry. Rinse with warm water, using sea sponge for easier removal. Gently pat dry and finish with regular skincare regime.

Ingredients: Rose Kaolin Clay, Lavender Flower Powder, Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay.

Mixing up your own fresh mask is much easier when you practice mise en place. Set yourself (and your skincare regime) up for success with the FoxSea Skin Mask Tool Kit.